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You want what's best for your kids. We get it.  We are parents too.


At S2STEM, our mission is to help kids to discover the exciting opportunities that STEM provides in building a successful future. Through the tenets of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), our programs help children of all ages learn how to solve real-world problems in a fun, engaging way. Our team of certified, experienced instructors meet each student where they are, encouraging and engaging them through exploration, creation, problem-solving, teamwork, and of course, fun! We aren’t just teaching your children, we’re inspiring them to be tomorrow’s leaders and game-changers.


Great Summer Camps available virtually 

Thank you and your team for providing great summer camps during this crazy time and making them available virtually. From the first few weeks of quarantine when you offered the free daily hour of STEM to these summer camps, you have understood and reacted quickly and effectively to tackle this changed learning environment and support our kids' educational needs. Of all the summer camps we had scheduled pre-COVID, yours is the only one we are still doing because of your ability to adapt so well.

Anthony Costantino

Had A Great Time

My son Rogan went to the camp over the summer and had a great time. He acquired so much new knowledge in such a short period! Learning how to effectively collaborate with peers, and solve problems through trial and error was so valuable.

Kelly Bradley Bisch

Mr. Saleem and his team are amazing!

I absolutely love this team! Mr. Saleem can not hide his joy in working with the kids and it is so contagious! My son has learned so much while having a great time. The number of tools that our kids will access to make and create will be abundant! Mr. Saleem (aka “coach”) and his team are amazing!

Jennifer Clrke

Five Stars!

This is what my son said when I asked him to review S2STEM’s Robotics Summer Camp: “Five Stars! It was so much fun and I really liked working on the final project. We also learned so much about robotics!”

Mary Peraria-Heinrich

Truly grateful for all you have done and taught my son!

Connor has truly enjoyed STEMunchkin class. Every Tuesday night before bed he is always so excited that the next day is “STEM DAY”. He has shared all of his projects with our family and his friends with such a great pride. Thank you for all of the time, patience and experiences that you have shared with Connor.

Kim Saxman

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