After School Coding

Keep your child engaged while making learning time into fun time!

Our after school coding program challenge kids to reach their full potential.

Students have an option to enroll in individual programs that lasts 12-16 weeks, or year-long.

In each session, students receive classroom education and personal coaching while working through the topics they learn from our experienced instructors. We provide all the technology and materials needed for each session.

Refer to Program Schedule for current schedule.

Whiz Kids (Ages 7-10)

Whiz Kids programs are best suited for children who are new to computer science. Students can pick one of the 2 programs based on their interest. Classes are weekly once, each class 90 minutes.

Program 1: Introduction to Computers and Programming Fundamentals (12-36 weeks)

Want to expose your child to Coding and get their foundations strong? This is the right program for you.

Students will learn the basics of computer science, and then progress to programming fundamentals where they learn basic programming concepts using blockly as part of Level 1. Level 2 takes their coding skills to the next level by introducing more advanced programming concepts. At the end of each program students apply their learning by developing a project idea using design thinking process.

    • Computer Basics (12 Weeks)
    • Programming Fundamentals - Level 1 (12 Weeks)
    • Programming Fundamentals - Level 2 (12 Weeks)

Program 2: Website Design, Game Development & Animation, Interactive Robotics

Not sure what your child may like? Or want to experiment with various disciplines and see where their strengths are? This is the right program for you.

This program helps assess children’s strengths and interests so they can advance in that specific discipline next - Creative Coder, Video Game Development, and Robotics.

    • Website Design (12 weeks): In this program we introduce students to “The World of the Internet,” how it evolved, how people communicate across the globe using the internet through social media and blogs, and how the internet became part of our day to day life to fulfill various needs. Students also learn safety and security of their personal information while using the internet and apply their learning to create a website of their own. This website will use an idea of their own or be purposed to solve a problem or support a cause.
    • Game Design, Animation & introduction to Virtual Reality (12 weeks): Students will learn the foundations of programming, animation and game design skills using a highly engaging visual programming interface - Scratch. They will create several animated stories, design and code their own games using drag-and-drop programming.
    • Interactive Robotics ( 12 weeks): The program will cover the fundamentals of Robotics, Laws of Robotics and coding solutions for real-world challenges with Robots like Ozobot, Dash and Dot using Blockly.

Explorers (Ages 10-12)

The Explorers programs are designed for children ages 10 to 12. Students can pick one of the three programs based on their interest and prior experience. Classes are held every week for 90-minutes.

Program 1: Programming Fundamentals, Interactive & Responsive Web Design (36 weeks)

As the world becomes more globalized, becoming skilled in the field of technology is a requirement for success in the increasingly competitive workforce.

This program builds the programming foundations and then progresses to the world of the internet. Whether your child wants to be a professional coder, a creative web designer, a blogger, or just want to build their own web profile, HTML is the core skill they need. Students will learn responsive web design and will use elements of HTML/CSS to design and build a website, and later will add interactive capabilities using javascript.

    • Programming Fundamentals Fast Track (12 weeks)
    • Responsive Website Development - HTML5 & CSS3 (12 weeks)
    • Interactive Websites with JavaScript (12 Weeks)

Program 2 : Mobile App Development (32 weeks)

This is a perfect program to convert your child’s ideas into inventions using mobile apps! Students will learn the basics of app development, and will build an android-based mobile app for one of their ideas using MIT App Inventor. Later they will expand their mobile app development skills on iOS platform (Apple Smart Devices)

    • Android App Development with MIT App Inventor (16 Weeks)
    • iOS Development with Swift (16 Weeks)

Program 3 : Interactive Electronics with Arduino (32 weeks)

Microprocessors have revolutionized every aspect of the 21st century. Students will take a deeper look inside a computer, integrate software and electrical components, and build digital interactive devices that can sense and control objects in the physical and digital world using an Arduino Microcontroller. Later they will move to building more advanced Arduino projects like a tiny weather display system, fingerprint scanner, garage door opener, robotic arm, and more.

    • Introduction Arduino (16 weeks)
    • Advanced Arduino Projects (16 weeks)

Discoverers (Ages 12+)

Discoverers programs is ideal for students who have graduated the Explorers track or have prior programming experience. Students can pick one of the two programs based on their interest and prior experience. Classes are held every week for 90-minutes.

Program 1: Java and Object Oriented Programming

Why Java? It's the most commonly used programming language in the world. It's a good precursor to learning other programming languages. It’s a stepping stone for your child’s undergrad and computer science career.

Students that enroll in this program will learn core java and object oriented programming concepts and later learn more advanced OOP concepts like inheritance and polymorphism. They will understand the concepts of a database and how to integrate java with a relational database.

    • Introduction to Core Java & OOP (16 weeks)
    • Advanced Java & Database Integration (16 weeks)

Program 2: Game Development with Unity

Convert your child’s video gaming obsession into their own game creation through this program! Students will learn how to create and code games using one of the most popular game engines — Unity. Unity gives the ability to create games in both 2D and 3D using Microsoft's C# with Visual Studio. Students will learn the game design process and how to create a game environment using 2D & 3D models. Genres include arcade, racing, puzzle, action, and adventure.

    • 2D Game Development (16 Weeks)
    • 3D Game Development & Animation ( 16 Weeks)

Students can take Garnet Valley School Bus transportation to directly come to our center.

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