Custom Programs

If you are as excited about the programs we’ve developed at S2STEM as we are, then we invite you to get involved! It is our pleasure to partner with educational institutions and schools that have an interest in introducing STEM education to their students and staff.

For Students (K-12)

Our team would be happy to conduct any of our STEM courses on the premises of your learning facility or school. We provide the course curriculum, instructors, tools, and all necessary technology for the sessions. With a 1:8 teacher-to-student ratio, we promise your students will receive appropriate instruction and individual attention. When we work at your facility, we partner with you and your staff to collect feedback to make sure all sessions exceed expectations.

For Teachers and Staff

If you would like your staff to lead your STEM classes, we can train your teachers and instructors to make them stronger STEM instructors for students of all ages. From the course curriculum to the tools and instructions necessary for each lesson, we ensure all teachers and students are prepared for success. You will need to procure all necessary STEM tools and technology. From free mentorship for your staff after training to ongoing support, we serve as your partners each year and introduce new lessons to keep up with changing technology and educational needs.

Bring STEM learning to your facility by contacting the S2STEM team today.

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