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Exciting Robotics Competitions that inspire students in Engineering & Robotics. Competitions are held at regional, national, and global levels.


FLL Explore (Ages 6-9)

FIRST LEGO® League Explore is a non-competitive Robotics program organized by FIRST LEGO League, designed to inspire kids ages 6 to 9 years in Engineering and Robotics. Every year kids explore different real-world challenges to find solutions using research, critical thinking, and imagination.

With our Robotics coaches on their side, the students build models using LEGO®, create posters with the team to present what they learned, and participate in a local Expo in Dec/Jan to share their great ideas with the community.

  • New Missions every year
  • Teams form in Aug/Sep, 6 students/team
  • Teams meet weekly once
  • Sep - Jan
  • $180/m

2024-25 Season Theme: The SUBMERGED. Check out the season teaser.

FLL Jr (5)

Wonder League Robotics (Ages 6-9)

A fun Robotics program from Wonder Workshop - teams (ages 6-9) will design solutions for real-world challenges by programming Dash/Cue and Dot robots. Teams compete in a Robotics expo conducted by S2STEM in May.

  • New challenges every year
  • Teams form in Jan/Feb, 6 students/team
  • Teams meet weekly once
  • Feb - May
  • $180/m
wonder league (7)


FLL (14)

FLL Challenge (Ages 10-14)

FIRST LEGO® Challenge is a competitive Robotics program - teams research a real-world problem and work together to find a creative solution. They will design, build, and program a robot using LEGO Spike Prime, then compete on the table-top playing field with other teams in the area in Jan.

From enhancing critical thinking skills to developing team-building practices, our students apply all they learn to succeed.

  • New missions every year
  • Teams form in Aug/Sep, 8 students/team
  • Teams meet weekly once, Saturday
  • Sep - Jan or longer if teams qualify for Regionals and States
  • $200/m

2024-25 Season Theme: The SUBMERGED. Check out the season teaser.

VEX IQ Challenge (Ages 10-14)

VEX IQ is an excellent platform for middle school students to learn about robotics and engineering. It offers hands-on learning opportunities and promotes problem-solving skills and collaboration.

Each year, VEX IQ releases a new game that the teams compete in. The game consists of a series of challenges that the robots must complete within a specific time frame. The game changes yearly, so teams must adapt their robots to the new challenges.

  • Teams meet weekly Feb - May on Saturdays
  • Final Expo/competition organized by S2STEM
  • $200/m


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