School Holiday Camps

School Holiday Camps

Wondering how to engage your kids in fun and educational activities on a school holiday? We have you covered at S2STEM!

In our school holiday camps, we engage kids in hands-on STEM activities to cultivate STEM Skills - Engineering, Math & Science, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving,  and much more.


Ages: 6-12, 9am - 4pm


2024-25 GV School Holidays:

  • Aug 30  In-service Day
  • Sep 2 Labor Day (S2STEM Closed)
  • Oct 3  Rosh Hashanah
  • Oct 14 Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day
  • Nov 1 Diwali
  • Nov 5  In-service Day
  • Nov 25-27 PT Conference
  • Nov 28 & 29 Thanksgiving (S2STEM Closed)
  • Dec 23- Jan 1 Winter Break (S2STEM Closed)
  • Jan 20 Martin Luther King Day
  • Jan 29 Lunar New Year
  • Feb 14 In-service Day
  • Feb 17 President's Day
  • Mar 20 & 21 PT conference
  • Apr 21 In-service day
  • May 20 Election Day
  • May 23 In-service day
  • May 26 Memorial day(S2STEM Closed)

(50% off when you register for all holiday camps, does not include Spring Break)

Spring Break Camp

Our camps inspire curiosity, creativity, and innovation in young minds through hands-on STEM learning

FLL Jr (8)

Apr 14-18 2025 Ages 6+


Our STEAM camp is designed to provide an engaging and hands-on learning experience through a range of STEAM-based projects, from building robots to coding games, designing structures, conducting experiments, creating art, and more. Throughout the week, campers will be immersed in a variety of exciting activities that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.

The camps will end with a presentation to the parents on Friday afternoon showcasing the projects!

Mon - Fri 9 am - 4 pm



Making learning fun and exciting for every student


Innovative teaching methods to meet the needs of every student


Certified and qualified STEM teachers with years of experience


We just don't teach kids

we inspire them