Weekly Innovation Challenge

innovation challenge

We are no longer running Innovation challenges. Please follow our Facebook page to get some fun STEM Project Ideas. 

Is your child a budding scientist or engineer? 

Are they great at figuring out how things work? 

Do they ask “why” and “how” about EVERYTHING? 

….Tell them about the Innovation Challenge and encourage them to create solutions and find answers to real-world problems!

Each week (Apr – Jun), we will present an Innovation Challenge and ask the leaders of tomorrow on how they would solve it. You might be challenged to solve plastic waste crisis, solve a complex situation with limited sources or find what easily available material makes the best PPE masks. 

Who can participate?

  • Kids ages 6 to 16 years

How to participate?

Join our weekly Zoom call on Mondays at 1 pm EST to hear next week’s Innovation Challenge, and to hear the winning solutions from the previous month.

How to submit your solutions?

  • Join S2STEM Facebook Group to keep track of weekly challenge posts and submit your Innovation Challenge videos!
  • You’ll record a short (2-3 minute) video demonstrating or explaining your solution and upload it before 5 pm EST on Sunday to the weekly post.
  • Make sure the child’s name, location and age are included in your post.

Judging & Prizes: 

  • Judges will score the solutions based on creativity, originality, and effort.
  • All submissions will be divided into 2 age groups, 6-11, and 12-16.
  • Weekly winners in each age group will receive gift cards and other fun prizes!

Challenge Guidelines: 

  • Have fun!
  • Think Big, Be Creative
  • Use any material you have at home to make a prototype
  • You can also use pictures and drawings to explain your solution
  • You can get help from anyone at home – or virtually!
  • Entry must be uploaded by 5 pm EST on Sunday