We partner with educational institutions and schools, who are interested in introducing STEM education  to their students and staff.

For Students (K-12)

  • S2STEM will conduct STEM courses (K-12) to meet the needs of your students at your premises. 
  • S2STEM will provide the course curriculum, instructors, tools & technology needed to conduct the sessions. 
  • Sessions are conducted by our experienced staff  (1:8 instructor-student ratio).
  • We will partner with you to collect feedback from parents and improve future sessions.

For Teachers & Staff

  • S2STEM will train your teachers/staff to enable them to be STEM instructors for K-12. 
  • We will provide course curriculum, tools & instructions and necessary coaching needed to offer STEM education. You need to procure the necessary STEM tools and technology needed.
  • We will offer free mentor-ship to your staff after the training to provide on-going support.
  • We will partner with you to introduce new programs every year to keep up with changing technology and educational needs.
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