Our Mission

At S2STEM, our mission is to inspire kids to discover exciting opportunities that STEM provides in building a successful future.


Many parents are well aware that the future of our society relies on STEM education and those who can excel in those fields. However, in order to encourage an entire generation to pursue STEM, we must first help them understand the value and excitement that lay within science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Our founders’ three children were in need of a fun and engaging way to learn through STEM, but they quickly realized how challenging it can be to really excite children in these subject areas. With so many options available, but so little guidance, it can be overwhelming for parents. Luckily, the two of them decided to start S2STEM to help their children and the children of our community so that the next generation can be prepared for success!

At S2STEM, we offer an environment that encourages children to explore and solve the problems of the future at their own pace. Our instructors are experts in STEM education, and they have years of industry experience. We can’t wait to share all we know with your child, and guide them through their STEM journey.


Let’s make learning STEM fun and engaging for kids of all ages! Join us to get started.