Online Mini Camps

Enroll your kids in these short and fun mini-camps to keep the kids engaged and learn new skills while the schools are closed.

What your kid will learn?

  • Scratch (Recommended Ages 8-10):
    • Learn foundations of programming, animation and game design skills using a highly engaging visual programming tool – Scratch. Campers will create several animated stories, design and code their own games using drag-and-drop programming.
  • Minecraft Redstone (Recommended Ages 8-10)
    • This camp will inspire a passion for engineering in any child! They’ll take on engineering challenges like creating an automated Minecraft farm, an elevator, a Redstone trap while learning about logic circuits, sensors, and switches.
  • 3D Modeling (Recommended Ages 11-14):
    • Join this fun 3D modeling camp to learn about 3D printing technology and real-world use of it. Campers will learn about modeling software TinkerCAD and create multiple 3D models of their choice. You can get their models printed in local libraries where 3D printers are available or we will ship them to you for free.

Note: Mini Camps will start from the week of April 6th until June 1st. Please keep an eye out for an email from S2STEM Team with detailed instructions on how to join online sessions soon after your registration.