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From: $180.00 every 4 weeks for 44 weeks

Online Coding Programs

In a globalized economy, you may be competing with highly qualified individuals around the world. It is more critical than ever for individuals to set themselves apart with technical skills and expertise.

This online course takes the students on a journey from basic skills to more advanced programming concepts to prepare them for the future.

Having a strong foundation is key to mastering any programming language. For that reason, we encourage all students to begin their coding journey with Programming Basics.

What your kid will learn?

  • Programming Basics (Recommended Ages 8+)
    • Basics of Computers and Computer Science, Understanding of key technology concepts e.g. How does internet work?
    • Algorithms and real-life connections, Foundations of programming: variables, loops, conditionals, functions, etc.
    • Easy to understand block-based programming, Final project of choice
  • Java & Object-Oriented Programming(Recommended Ages 10+)
    • The first 16 weeks will cover the core Java concepts, using eclipse IDE to code multiple programs and learn the basics of Object-Oriented Programming.
    • Students will then move to more advanced OOP concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism and will end with a complex project.
  • Combo – Programming Basics + Java & OOP
    • Enroll in both programs and save $160
  • Web Design (Recommended Ages 8+)
    • “The World of the Internet,” how it evolved, how people communicate across the globe using the internet.
    • Safety and security of their personal information while using the internet
    • How to design and create your own website.

Note:New sessions start every month. After registering for your program(s), please watch for an email from the S2STEM Team with detailed instructions on how to join online sessions.