Robotics Teams

From enhancing your child’s critical thinking skills to encouraging them to problem solve, our robotics programs teach important lessons while engaging in exciting robotics challenges organized by First Lego League and Wonder.

FLL EXPLORE (Ages 6 - 10)

It’s never too early to discover STEM! FIRST LEGO® League Explore program is designed to introduce exciting STEM topics to kids ages 6 to 10 while inspiring them through a real-world challenge they must solve by using research, critical thinking, and imagination.

With our STEM coaches on their side, the students build models using LEGO®, create posters with the team to present what they learned, and participate in local events to share their great ideas with the community.

  • Weekly once for 12 weeks
  • Teams form in Aug/Sep
  • Teams meet on Fridays 4 pm - 5 pm EST
  • Minimum 4 students

FLL CHALLENGE (Ages 10 - 14)

We know that the innovators of tomorrow practice both imaginative thinking and teamwork. Guided by two or more STEM coaches, our FIRST LEGO® League teams research a real-world problem and work together to find a creative solution. They will design, build, and program a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS®, then compete on the table-top playing field.

From enhancing their critical thinking skills to developing team building practices, our students apply all they learn to succeed.

  • Weekly once for 16 weeks
  • Teams form in Aug/Sep
  • Team meets on Saturday 11 am - 12:30 pm EST
  • Minimum 4 students

Wonder League Robotics Challenge (Ages 6 - 14)

Coding is the new team sport for future tech leaders and innovators! Teams of kids ages 6-8, 9-11 will design solutions for real-world science and technology challenges by programming Dash, Dot, and Cue robots. They will develop problem-solving and creativity skills while building relationships with their peers and having fun!

All teams will participate in an online competition in Jan. Selected teams can participate in invitational round to win multiple prizes.

  • Weekly once for 12 weeks
  • Teams form in Nov/Dec
  • Teams meet on Monday 4 pm - 5pm EST
  • Minimum 4 students

Safety of our Staff and Students comes first

Our new operating procedures align with CDC guidelines to ensure a safe
environment for students and staff

Coronavirus Disease, Health Care and Safety

Wellness Checks

We conduct non-touch temperature check of our staff and students before they enter the center every day

Coronavirus Disease, Health Care and Safety

Safety Precautions

  • Daily sanitization of premises
  • Separate entry & exit pathways
  • Social distancing posters to remind students
Coronavirus Disease, Health Care and Safety

Hygiene Practices

Frequent hand-washing/sanitizing: on arrival, every hr, before eating, after bathroom breaks

Coronavirus Disease, Health Care and Safety

No Visitors

  • Parents will drop off and pick up the kids curbside of the center
  • No one is allowed inside the center except staff and authorized personnel
Coronavirus Disease, Health Care and Safety

Social Distancing

Reduced classroom size to maintain 6ft distance


Coronavirus Disease, Health Care and Safety

Personal Supplies

  • Each student will have a designated desk and dedicated bin with all the supplies
  • Bring personal laptop, headphones and mouse
  • Limited group activities
Coronavirus Disease, Health Care and Safety

Face Masks

Masks are mandatory for both students and staff all times


Coronavirus Disease, Health Care and Safety

Emergency Protocols

  • Immediate notification to all parents in case of a COVID-19 incident
  • Center lock down procedures (2 weeks)

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