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A comprehensive STEM program designed for preschool kids


Children are naturally curious about the world around them. Through the use of real world examples and problems we heighten children’s curiosity while expanding their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

We instill confidence in children by teaching them how to solve problems on their own.

This 8-10 week program is 30 minutes each week, allowing you to easily incorporate it into your current early childhood education lesson plans, or offer it as an after-school enrichment program.

If you would like to introduce this innovative and exciting enrichment program at your childcare center or educational institution, get in touch with us today to learn more.

We look forward to working with you and your staff!

Spark the interest in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

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STEMunchkins program is currently offered in following locations..

  1. Lightbridge Academy, Garnet Valley, PA
  2. Tutor Time, Brandywine Pkwy, Wilmington, DE 
  3. Tutor Time, Limestone Rd, Wilmington, DE
  4. Hockessin Montessori School, Hockessin, DE
  5. Children's House Montessori, Wilmington, DE 
  6. Ursuline Academy, Wilmington, DE

HMS, CHM and Ursuline families can register by clicking on the "Register Now" button. For all other schools, please contact your school office to register.

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