Early Childhood Education Enrichment Program


It’s never too early to learn about basic STEM concepts. S2STEM’s STEMunchkins program is a comprehensive, foundational STEM program designed for early education centers. If you would like to introduce this innovative and exciting enrichment program at your childcare center or educational institution, get in touch with us today to learn more.

Each of our activities are hands-on, interactive, and fun for young children. We use real world examples and problems to heighten children’s curiosity while inspiring their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This 12-week program will only take 30 minutes each week, allowing you to easily incorporate it into your current early childhood education lesson plans, or offer it as an after-school enrichment program.

Please contact us to discover how our STEMunchkins program will fit seamlessly into your childcare center. Our goal is to encourage a lifelong curiosity for the world around us, allowing children to feel equipped to solve any of the problems they may come across in the future using STEM methods. We look forward to working with you and your staff!

Check out the photos and videos to see our STEMuchkins in action!

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